7.Odds & Ends

Odds & Ends

After having created this “Theatre” blog for the specific purpose of offering for free three plays which I did not manage to produce, I realized that I could also use it for other works (either unpublished or academic) and some unfinished material. Hence this “Odds and Ends” page.

When a document is in only one language (English or French) it will be stored in the appropriate blog-page. When it contains both English and French it will be stored in both blog-pages : “Odds & Ends” and “Fourre-tout”.

For translations both the original and the translation will be stored in their appropriate blog-pages.

The following PowerPoint Presentation (PPP) of “French Technical Translations” is a 22-slides PPP which I had prepared for technical-manuals’ publishers of New York in order to be able to quickly demonstrate to them (during a 2000 visit) “La méthode de Saint-Ferjeux pour la traduction technique” (© 2000) before having to translate it into English. See the full PPP in French (128 slides) below in “Fourre-tout”. As the New York publishers were not interested and because many slides would have had to be redone as Microsoft Windows-XP was superseded by Windows-7, I abandoned the idea of chasing publishers for it both in the U.S. and in France. Surprise, surprise ! Some “Computer Translation” systems are now using it. Such is life !

Here it is :

ftt presentation


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