Why did I abandon chasing directors to stage these 3 plays ? Why am I offering them for free now ? (*)

The first answer is straightforward : “I am too old (born in 1933) and I do no longer have the stamina (nor the time!) for this chasing”. More about this in the relevant pages of this blog. Please note also that I have added a STUB for another play.

The second answer is less obvious ! I must be still quixotic enough to feel the urge to bring my contribution (“no matter how hopeless, no matter how far!”) to the cause of pacifism.

Actually, there was a third question (regarding my motivations for offering these three plays for free) but I did not know how to word it. So, here is its answer : “Marjorie, my wife, thinks that I haven’t got the playwright’s gift and that my characters sound like talking-heads. Therefore (in case she is right) better and younger playwrights (preferably from the «théâtre engagé», as quixotic as me but more gifted) might be more successful than me in passing on my contribution to the cause of pacifism.

Finally, if you use any of these three plays (on stage or in any other media), I do waive their copyright (© 2014, Jacques de Saint-Ferjeux) for you provided that you include in your credits that the original of the copyrighted play(s) can be found in my blog :


My complete surname is “Pollet de Saint-Ferjeux” and for various reasons (which I will explain wherever appropriate) some writing, like Captain Martin (still not published), had been copyrighted under “Pollet”. See the catalog of the National Library of Australia  ( http://www.nla.gov.au ) and of the State Library of Victoria (http://www.slv.vic.gov.au ).

(*)  This blog is bilingual and therefore, PLEASE, DO NOT USE ANY machine translation to avoid ending up in a mess. By clicking the adequate buttons you can choose between the English version and its translation into French.

(*)  [Ce blog est bilingue et donc, SVP, N’UTILISEZ PAS DE TRADUCTION-MACHINE pour éviter un galimatias inutilisable.  En cliquant les boutons appropriés vous pouvez choisir entre le texte anglais et la traduction en français].


I would like to express my gratitude to all my colleagues of “Melbourne PC Users Group” : http://www.melbpc.org.au
My membership of this group, whose motto is “Members helping Members”, gave me the possibility to complete this blog
I am particularly indebted to :
Mohan Gupta, Linux and blogging specialist.
Sonny Gerhardt, “volunteer-helper” who got me out of trouble many times.
Peter Horsley, the former convener of the Windows special-interest-group.
Bob Traynor, who has fixed my computers and their networking many times.
Roger Plant, Hardware specialist and programmer.
Phil Lew, the convener of the Communications special-interest-group.
Robert Brown, Linux specialist, has dedicated one computer to Linux thus leaving my Windows separate from my blogging.
David Hatton, convener of another Linux-Sig of Melbpc, is helping me (together with Mohan) to turn into FTP or .odt  my old documents of the 1970′s saved in Wordstar.

James Cox, The convener of the Linux-Sig of MelbPC headquarters, finally cracked the revival of my old documents of the 1970s saved in Wordstar. Thanks and most sincere congratulations to James !

I would also like to express my gratitude to my RACV Club of Melbourne where I am currently doing a distance-education course in blogging : Sarah-Jane Martin is running this course and she has also given me a lot of help with my own blog.

Finally I want to express my gratitude to my wife Marjorie de Saint-Ferjeux (a former teacher of English and English-Literature) for her help and advice. Marjorie has edited my “Pacifism Manifesto” and I wish I could have been able to make its translation (Le Manifeste du pacifisme) as compact as the original.

I also belong to « LUV » (Linux Users of Victoria). My sincere gratitude for all the help LUV gives me and particular thanks to Daniel Jitnah, Glenn McIntosh, Andrew Pam, and Lev Lafayette for solving many of my Linux and Blogging problems.

Why “back to square one ” ?

My  motive is  plain. I have not managed to get the three plays included in this blog performed in any “established” theatre (subsidized or not); so, I am hereby offering them for free (without relinquishing my copyright). At the age of eighty there is no other choice left to me in order to reach a theatre audience. I consider this as a blessing in disguise as I believe that only the theatre of the rebellion can still make us think. I wish I had been able to call this Blog “pacifisttheatre” but, alas, this name already existed.

As regards the current theatre of the rebellion (i.e. as found on the net in French or in English) its members are people who hope to be able to change the world. They are of good faith and, therefore, I hope that they will not attempt to steal my copyright. As long as they keep mentioning it, I allow them to adapt these three plays to their limited resources in staff and facilities. I also hope that, out of courtesy, they will keep me informed through this blog.

I am aware that my pacifism is very low-key and that ridiculing war on the stage is a quixotic way to foster any form of pacifism. Should you find me too unrealistic, use LINKS (given by the main search-engines) to try to find some more active/militant forms of anti-war blogs or websites.

My purpose (in the blog as well as in the plays) is to encourage the belief that, regardless of any rationalizing for any warring strike, war is always a stupid choice, more so now than in the past. I believe that Clausewitz (1780-1831) was wrong to say (in “Vom Kriege”, published in 1832) that : “War is nothing more than the continuation of politics by other means”.

Should it happen one day that all the great powers understand that all the wars are stupid, then the world would have changed !  Even though there would still be wars, at least the risk of having a full-scale “Third World-War” would be considerably reduced.

Why This Name?

Because this Franglais name, which I have created, was not yet a BLOG name. English speakers can guess its meaning : “back to square one in the theatre”.

Why “back to square one ” ? 

For me, as I told you above, because allowing these plays to be staged for free is my last hope to reach an audience.

For the theatre companies/groups/amateurs (preferably the theatre of the rebellion which can still make us think ) and their audience, going back to the simple observation that “regardless of any rationalizing for any warring strike, war is always a stupid choice” seems to be the most peaceful way to advocate pacifism without getting the message lost into the empty rhetoric of politics.


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