Why did I abandon chasing directors to stage these 3 plays ? Why am I offering them for free now ? (*)

The first answer is straightforward : “I am too old (born in 1933) and I do no longer have the stamina (nor the time!) for this chasing”. More about this below and in the “About” page (or in the «Accueil en français» or «Et Aussi») of this blog. Please note also that I have added a STUB to this.

The second answer is less obvious ! I must be still quixotic enough to feel the urge to bring my contribution (“no matter how hopeless, no matter how far!”) to the cause of pacifism. More about this below.

Actually, there was a third question (regarding my motivations for offering these three plays for free) but I did not know how to word it. So, here is its answer : “Marjorie, my wife, thinks that I haven’t got the playwright’s gift and that my characters sound like talking-heads. Therefore (in case she is right) better and younger playwrights (preferably from the «théâtre engagé», as quixotic as me but more gifted) might be more successful than me in passing on my contribution to the cause of pacifism.

Finally, please note also that all three plays should be copyrighted as ” © 2013, Jacques de Saint-Ferjeux ” as part of your credits. My complete surname is “Pollet de Saint-Ferjeux” and for various reasons (which I will explain wherever appropriate) some writing, like Captain Martin (still not published) had been copyrighted under “Pollet”. See the catalog of the National Library of Australia  ( http://www.nla.gov.au ) and of the State Library of Victoria ( http://www.slv.vic.gov.au ).

(*)  This blog is bilingual and therefore, PLEASE, DO NOT USE ANY machine translation to avoid ending up in a mess. By clicking the adequate buttons you can choose between the English version and its translation into French.

(*)  [Ce blog est bilingue et donc, SVP, N’UTILISEZ PAS DE TRADUCTION-MACHINE pour éviter un galimatias inutilisable.  En cliquant les boutons appropriés vous pouvez choisir entre le texte anglais et la traduction en français].

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