Why “back to square one ” ?

My  motive is  plain. I have not managed to get the three plays included in this blog performed in any “established” theatre (subsidized or not); so, I am hereby offering them for free (without relinquishing my copyright). At the age of seventy-nine there is no other choice left to me in order to reach a theatre audience. I consider this as a blessing in disguise as I believe that only the theatre of the rebellion can still make us think. I wish I had been able to call this Blog “pacifisttheatre” but, alas, this name already existed.

As regards the current theatre of the rebellion (i.e. as found on the net in French or in English) its members are people who hope to be able to change the world. They are of good faith and, therefore, I hope that they will not attempt to steal my copyright. As long as they keep mentioning it, I allow them to adapt these three plays to their limited resources in staff and facilities. I also hope that, out of courtesy, they will keep me informed through this blog.

I am aware that my pacifism is very low-key and that ridiculing war on the stage is a quixotic way to foster any form of pacifism. Should you find me too unrealistic, use LINKS (given by the main search-engines) to try to find some more active/militant forms of anti-war blogs or websites.

My purpose (in the blog as well as in the plays) is to encourage the belief that, regardless of any rationalizing for any warring strike, war is always a stupid choice, more so now than in the past. I believe that Clausewitz (1780-1831) was wrong to say (in “Vom Kriege”, published in 1832) that : “War is nothing more than the continuation of politics by other means”.

Should it happen one day that all the great powers understand that all the wars are stupid, then the world would have changed !  Even though there would still be wars, at least the risk of having a full-scale “Third World-War” would be considerably diminished.

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