This content-management blog is a “peace-loving”, non-confronting blog. I am a pacifist for the reasons outlined in this blog, but I am also a member of the Melbourne (Australia) branch of the French “Anciens Combattants” [i.e. Veterans] and I do not believe that universal peace could ever exist. Indeed I believe that those who tell you that it could are either deluding themselves or telling you lies.  The purpose of this blog (and of the three plays it contains, one in English and two in French) is to try to help anybody (who is willing!) to realise that war is always stupid.

I do believe that, whenever a high enough percentage of the population of what we call “the greatest powers of the world” will have understood this, then at least the “major wars” would cease to exist.

As I am also a realist it has not escaped me that unfortunately one of the superpowers, after having invaded Iraq under false pretence, has already started (on the sly, with a handful of henchmen among the nuclear powers) a kind of  Third  world-war to which it has given the absurd name of  “War against Terror” !

I call this name absurd because, as was shown by the religious wars of the past, a war against a concept (be it a strategy, like terrorism, or a belief like religion or racial-superiority or whatever other aberration) can only wreak ravages without any hope of improving the quality of life.

The only way out of an absurd situation is re-thinking and searching for a mutually acceptable compromise. I am pleased that France, my country of birth, is now pulling out of Afghanistan, and I hope that Australia, my country of adoption (*), will do the same before it is too late. I also believe that, on pragmatic grounds, China and Russia are right to insist that the “Western Alliances” should stay out of the domestic problems of the Islamic world.

[(*) Alas, two years after the birth of this blog (11/6/2012), both France and Australia are getting involved again in that infamous and ill-advised “War against Terror” !]

For these reasons I hope that my anti-war plays might help the more thoughtful and rational citizens of the Western nations to realize that war is always stupid.

In my opinion the Western Countries should also be held responsible, to
a great extent, for the current deadlock in International Relations
which the Americans have been naïve enough to call “the War Against
Terror”. Before presenting my argument, let me add that, in my opinion,
the Americans have no hope to win their so-called “war”, exactly as
Napoléon never had any chance to win against the Spanish guerrillas.
More likely, and regardless of their use of the drones, the Americans
will eventually be thrown out of the Middle-East exactly as the Russians
were from Afghanistan in 1989 and as the French were from Indochina in
1954 and then from Algeria in 1962, and last but not least as America
itself was thrown out of Vietnam in 1975. Amazing how short-lived human
memory can be !

Anyway, and still in my opinion, what takes away any reasonable chance
to achieve peace in the world at the moment is (more than anything else)
that the Western Countries are making the following five (**) basic mistakes.
– 1. Mistake of thinking of the future as if it “pre-existed” and to
imagine it as a the globalization of the Western values.
– 2. Mistake of believing that the Western style of government (which
the West calls “democratic”) is always superior to any other choice. The
reality is that the only provable advantage of democracy is that, in
crisis time (and provided there is no revolution), the change of power
can be done without violence.
– 3. Mistake of attempting to export the above-mentioned democracy.
– 4.  Mistake of believing that some form of “world-government” is
achievable. Think for yourself about what would have happened after the
invasion of Irak if the U.N.O. had been a “real” world-government, in
other words a government capable of using its monopoly of the legitimate
use of force. Obviously this is impossible to imagine because (i) the
Americans would have used their VETO and (ii) nobody could disarm the
American hegemony without starting another world-war. Let us hope that
China will be sensible enough never to go to this extreme ! Let us also
hope that the U.N.O. will forever avoid imposing sanctions which could
get out of hand !
– 5.  Mistake of believing that conquest (whether military or economic)
can “civilise” the conquered people. When I was going to school in
France, between 1938 and 1951, our History teachers were still teaching
us the pompous nonsense of Ernest Lavisse (1842-1922) that Gaul (the
future France) was “civilised” by the Roman Empire. Did this mean that,
for instance, Sweden which was never invaded by the Romans was not as
civilised as France or Britain ?

[ (**) Perhaps, after the new unrest in the Middle East in 2014, I should also spell out the SIXTH mistake the Americans and their servile “allied-nations” are making at the moment : they forgot that it is not possible to “crush” a religious rebellion without causing unbelievable casualties and never-ending hatred. ]

The blog lets you choose between this English version and its translation into French. The three plays have NOT been translated.


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  1. Mike.Richardson says:

    G’day Jim,
    yep,your views make sense to me.
    But how do you convince the armies of knuckle dragging apes ?.

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